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How Should You Handle A Dental Emergency?

Handling a dental emergency the wrong way can permanently harm your teeth. Knowing what to do in a dental emergency is important, so the problem doesn’t become a more expensive fix down the road.



A toothache can cause a lot of pain and come on suddenly. Taking care of a toothache is essential until you can get to the dentist. Use warm water to rinse your mouth. Warm salt water can also help with the pain. Use floss to ensure there isn’t anything stuck between your teeth causing the pain. If you are experiencing swelling, a cold compress such as a cold washcloth will help. When encountering a toothache, the most important thing to do is schedule an appointment with your dentist. A toothache can escalate if you put off treatment; the damage can worsen the longer you wait. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, call New Horizons Dental to get in for an Emergency Exam!


Chipped Or Broken Tooth

Use warm water to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Try to save any pieces of your tooth that have chipped or fallen out. To stop bleeding, place some gauze over the area until the bleeding stops. A cold compress will help with the swelling of the mouth. Most importantly, contact your dentist right away and make an emergency appointment. If you have a broken tooth and need a dentist in Vancouver, WA, contact us immediately! We will work hard to get you in quickly!


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