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Many people wish they could have prevented their cavities and other tooth problems by taking better care of their teeth or taking more trips to the dentist as a child. Not all of us may have nailed down good oral habits early on, but that’s something we can help our children with before they reach adulthood. Establishing good dental hygiene in your children’s lives now, will only help them in the future. Teaching them to brush after every meal and to floss every day will make their trips to the dentist a more pleasant experience. Helping them prevent cavities and maintain a nice smile will teach them to always take care of their teeth.


When Should My Child First Visit The Dentist?

When you see that first tooth come through, feel free to make an appointment! The best time to start their regular check-ups is at the age of one. Children should see their dentist twice a year to get a routine exam. Establishing good habits with their baby teeth now will prepare them to take good care of their permanent teeth down the road.

Finding a family dentist is key to their oral health. If they need to come into a dentist for a dental emergency, they will feel much more comfortable seeing a familiar face at the dentist office rather than having to make an appointment with a stranger. Also, a family dentist can back up what you are teaching at home. A family dentist can help teach your children the same habits you’re working hard to establish. Having routine visits can prevent future problems, detect cavities early, and maintain a healthy smile for each of your children. Your children will be thankful when they grow up for the healthy habits they’ve established. So how about it? Do you need to make that call to establish a family dentist in Vancouver, WA, for your children? We would count it a privilege and honor to help your children maintain a beautiful smile for years to come. Call us at New Horizons Dental today…don’t delay!


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